Hey folks so November is officially the month of prostate cancer awareness, which is one of the leading cancers that kill men.

This is crap! So its all well and good if you grow a moustache this month, but what is that going to do?

Lets think about how we can prevent ourselves and family and loved ones from getting this awful cancer.

Prostate cancer doesn’t provide symptoms until it is advanced and likely too late to overcome, but symptoms include slow urinary stream, urinary hesitancy, and incomplete bladder emptying.

First of all, these are the risk factors for Prostate Cancer:

– males over 65 are at higher risk ( get your package checked dudes!!)

– diet high in saturated fats, those are the fats most prevalent in animals forms like red meat and dairy… yuck

– parents or siblings with a history of prostate cancer



Ways to reduce your risk! :

– eat a whole food diet, high in fruit, vegetables, omega 3’s (fish, walnuts, chia, hemp, and flax seeds)

– eating organic soy products which inhibit an enzyme (5-alpha reductase) that causes prostate tissue enlargement. 

– eating lots of garlic and onions, known to have anti-cancer benefits

– taking a high potency multi vitamin and mineral supplement and an omega-3 supplement

– limiting your intake of trans fatty acids, sugar, salt, alcohol, cigarettes, and fried foods.

– any organic greens supplement will also be beneficial in providing more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants 

– and living an active lifestyle