My top 6 Core Exercises!

No more crunches! Do these 6 exercises to work all of your abdominal muscles and get a strong, sexy core! A strong core is the foundation to a strong and healthy, active body. So if you’ve never done strength training, do these 6 exercises to get your body ready! Don’t forget to drink water and refuel with a yummy, healthy vegan meal like one of these ( Creamy Coconut & Date Oatmeal, Brown Rice Stew)

#1: Single Legged Plank

Perform on each leg, holding for at least 10 seconds, with the lifted foot flexed and your glutes tight, increase time as you improve.


#2: Side Plank

Make sure your wrist is below your shoulder, hold your hips up for atleast 10 seconds, increasing each time. Repeat on other side for same time.


#3: Single Legged Side Plank

This one is my favorite because it also works the inner thighs which are a hard to target area! Make sure you keep those hips up and keep the foot planted, Hold for as long as you can (with good form) and repeat on the other side.


#4: Single Leg Raises

Start with both legs at 90 degrees and abs engaged, pulling your belly button to the floor with your head on the ground, inhale as you lower one leg, exhale as you bring it back up to 90, repeat with the other leg.Thats one rep, do as many as you can until it burns!  Breathing is important! A strong exhale as you raise your leg engages the core more!


#5: Cat Plank

I am not sure what this position is really called, but I think this name is suitable. Essentially like a regular plank, but your legs are bent and your knees are off the ground! Hover with your knees just an inch off the ground and hold for as long as you can, keeping a strong and straight back.


#6: Reverse Plank

We can’t forget about our back! Our “core” is not exclusive to the front of the body. This move helps strengthen the whole backside, make sure your feet are pointed and turned out (you’ll want a soft surface for this) and your butt is clenched! Try to keep your neck straight, looking up and not at your toes. Hold for as long as you can!


Repeat this whole sequence 3 times for an awesome total core workout, perfect for pairing with a cardio, such as my 10 minute calorie scorcher one here (click this link) for when you are short on time.

The fantastic thing about all of these exercises is that most of the muscles in the body are acting as stabilizers, so your not just working your core! You will notice that  your shoulders and triceps may feel a bit tired after all of these planks, and thats the bonus! Who doesn’t want nice, toned arms and shoulders?


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