Creamy Coconut & Date Oatmeal!

Oh how I love oatmeal, and this is one of my favorite oatmeal combos! Oatmeal is a fantastic nutritious grain that naturally has no gluten for all you gluten free freaks! 😉 This recipe also has chia seeds which are a good source of plant-based omega-3s, and the coconut milk just makes it sooo delicious!


Creamy Coconut and Date Oatmeal

What you need:

just over 1/3 cup rolled oats (not quick oats)


1 cup of water

3 or 4 medjool dates (depending on how sweet you like it / the size of your dates)


Side note: I know dates look like shit, literally, but they are delicious little fruits that taste like caramel! ( I’ve thought about bringing some of these into work and plopping them into the pool so that we have to close it and I can leave early… haha)

2 tbsp chia seeds


3 tbsp of organic unsweetened canned coconut milk ( it separates like natural peanut butter so you gotta stir it up! )


& as much cinnamon as you want!



Before you start cooking the oats, chop up the dates. Make sure you take the pit out before you chop it up, and get your knife wet to keep it from sticking.

Now you can start cooking the rolled oats, combine the water and oats in a small sauce pan, cover, and turn on high heat. Once the oats begin to bubble, stir them and make sure they don’t stick to the bottom, and remove them from the hot element, and toss in the dates and stir again.

Put the pot back on the warm element (still turned off) and let the oats sit there for a few minutes, stirring a few times, so that the dates sweeten it all up!

Now pour it into your bowl, sprinkle on as much or as little cinnamon as you like, add the coconut milk, and add the chia seeds. Mix it all up and eat it! 🙂 Yum.



2 thoughts on “Creamy Coconut & Date Oatmeal!

  1. Sounds yummy! just had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and i have all these ingredients you mentioned but never thought to combine them. must try this tomorrow morning 🙂

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