Why you should go vegan if you love the planet

Why you should go vegan if you love the planet

baby cow

Today is earth day, a day to remind us to appreciate the amazing earth that is our home, especially beautiful BC, and I am going to share with you something so simple you can do to help our planet: STOP EATING ANIMALS & ANIMAL PRODUCTS! There are plenty of other reasons to go vegan ( I will spare you another rant for another day) but this one is not so obvious. I am sick of all of these so-called “environmentalists” who refuse to accept the truth that their food choices can make more of a difference than their hybrid cars or their low-flow toilets.

First let me recommend the book that gave me the information I needed to go vegan: “Healthy Eating, Healthy World: Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based Nutrition” by  J. Morris Hicks with J. Stanfield Hicks. This is the source of the info I am sharing here.

Now here’s some facts:

–       In the US alone, farmed animals produce ~87,000 pounds of poo per second à that is a lot of SHIT!  And this crap degrades our soil and pollutes our water (pg.71)

–       currently, 30% of the land surface on our planet is occupied by livestock pastures. (pg.72)

–       “70% of previously forested land in the Amazon is [now] occupied by [livestock] pastures.” (pg.73)

–       raising livestock is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases, producing 18% of the worlds total, and the transportation sector only produces 13.5% (pg.75)

–       it takes 4.8 million gallons of water to have cows produce 2,400 gallons of milk, that’s 2000 gallons of water (that people could be drinking!) to make 1 gallon of milk! (pg. 77)

–       “To produce one kilo of potatoes requires 100 litres of water; to produce the same amount of beef requires 13,000 litres of water.” WOW, I’ll take some fries and skip the burger thanks!! (pg.78)

–       “ The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that more than half of ocean fish stocks are exploited at or beyond capacity.” (pg.84)

–       The problem with fish farming is that the food they are fed is full of nitrogen, this gets thrown directly into the ocean, and this nitrogen can cause areas of the ocean to become dead zones, areas where no species that needs oxygen can survive, because there is barely any. (pg.85)


Even just decreasing the amounts of animal products you consume will make a difference, never think that you can’t make a difference because you CAN, put down the cheese and eat some bananas today on Earth day and know that you are making a difference for the planet ❤


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